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Come and discover Vicksburg ,you will be amazed with all the history, culture, museums and southern traditions Vicksburg has to offer. Become part of our history. Located in Warren County, Vicksburg is the county seat, on the bluffs above the Mississippi River at the mouth of the Yazoo River. Incorporated in 1825.

Vicksburg has been the host city to the Miss Mississippi Pageant since 1957, crowned Miss Mississippi goes onto the Miss America Pageant.

Vicksburg has become a desired destination with the city's history, museum's, galleries, dining, casino's and shopping with the up most Southern Hospitality.

Vicksburg has had parts of these movies and scenes filmed in the city,

I Know Why Caged Bird Sings(1978)

Mississippi Burning(1988)

O Brother,Where Art Thou?(1999)

Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry (1977)

The Minstrel Man (1975)

The Mississippi(1982-83)

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